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Box Support Bracket Galvanized Coil

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Box Support Bracket Galvanized CoilBox Support Bracket Galvanized CoilPre-Fab RUFF-IN products leave all the troubles in our factory, to efficiantly and save time for the end user.

Open box mounting bracket
1)Open box support allows for adjustablility of box position between studs
2) Support most North American boxes and/or plaster rings 4" SQ 4-11/16SQ
5"SQ and multi-gang boxes
3) Fits up to 1-1/2" wide studs 16" &24"on center
4) Compatible with rapid ring & adjustable plaster rings
5) Field cut to adjust to non-standard stud spacings
6) Stamped markings at 1/2" 1/4"and 1" increments to allow the installer to easily locate the desited box position
7) You may contact us for pre-fab assemblies
8) Bracket accessories require no tools to install
9) Fllor stand ensures consistent box height and eliminates need to measure for proper install height.

Alignment plate can be cut on a mark to make shorter length brackets
Can be used with floor stand

Box Support Bracket Galvanized Coil Box Support Bracket Galvanized Coil

Increase strength and rigidity help withstand the stress of stress of drywall installation

Assemblies shipped with box installed on left side of brackets, unless othersie specified

The wall stud improved far-side support stands up during drywall,installation and out performs competitor brackets

16" STUD SPACING come with stop plate
24" STUD SPACING sleeve extender
Self Adjustable Pre-fab Ring protective plate box plate

Installation steps:

  1. Install Bar hangers on ceiling joists or wall studs by screws.
  2. Take off screw from stud on bar hanger, installs in 1/2" knockouts located on the bottom of boxes.
  3. All above 5 Bar hangers are installed with metallic boxes on wall studs or ceiling joists.
  4. When intended to support a fixture/luminaire in a wall, load capacity is 6 kg (13 Ib).

Application: These wall support brackets are used to support electrical boxes from floor or concrete forms.
They also help prevent electrical boxes from being pushed back into the wall cavity during drywall installation.
Advantages: fold back stabilizers ensure an easy and secure electrical box installation in wall applications. They are designed to mount square boxes on walls 12"to 24" above the floor. floor and wall kick plate support brackets have box screws that are exposed after mounting so the conduits can be secured from the front of the box opening. Additionally, their multiple heights accommodate a variety of fnished floor heights.

Application: These multi-box mounting brackets are used to secure conduit boxes in stud walls.
Advantages: Multi box mounting brackets allow the installer to quickly and easily mount 4", 4-11/16" or 6"square conduit boxes in stud walls.

Application: This box mounting bracket is used to support electrical box mounted to wood studs.

They screw directly to the face of wood studs.

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