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Axwill (Trade Mark: Axwill&RanLic) Electrical being in electrical conduit industry more than five years, from 2006-2010, we were mostly doing the trade before, after 2010, we incooperated our factory start to produce the general conduit products for our customers, . Right now our manufacturing products cover 80% of conduit products, at the start of our conduit biz, we are keening on the quality, LianLi does more than give people quality, service to enjoy.
 The company is actively involved in providing quality project solution, new conduit products development and general conduit products improvement.

 Our biz expand fastly, but we know it is not enough just for sales volume, we know we have responsibility to keep same service to our old customer and keep moving to cooperate with our potential customers, no matter new or old customers we will keep same quality products and same service.
Company History

In FEB2006

In FEB2006,Ranlic owner Jet Chen as the salesman in a conduit fittings factory

In SEP.2008

In SEP.2008, make a offshore company to trade conduit products to overseas, ompany name is Hongkong Regos Industry Co.,LTD.

In MAR 2010

In MAR 2010,Start production conduit fittings as Hangzhou LianLi Electrical Company Limited.

In SEP.2010

In SEP.2010 Get the first UL certificate for steel outlet box sell to United States

In JUL.2012

In JUL.2012,Publishing brand RANLIC in south and central american, paid 5 advertisement board in the high way.

In DEC.2013

In DEC.2013 finish all the general conduit fittings molds and sell to the projects directly

In JUN 2014

In JUN 2014, decorate the whole factory for safety and give the workers a good working condition

In OCT2014

In OCT2014,getting 80% products UL LISTED

In 02-04 2015

In 02-04 2015 start the overseas high quality markets exhibitions

In MAY2015

In MAY2015: Start new website:www.conduitsfittings.com

About Our Factory

Axwill (Trade Mark: Axwill&RanLic) Electrical being in electrical conduit industry more than five years.


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 : skychen@axwill.cn
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 : Jiefanghu Industrial Zone, Diankou Town, Zhuji City
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