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Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support

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  • Stainless Steel, Mild Carbon Steel

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Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support

Clevis Hanger used in tunnels, culverts, pipes and other roof fixed, or for the suspension wires.Hanger clamps used of high-quality hot-rolled, the surface of silver-plated white zinc.The specially designed shape allows a lot of freedom in adjusting heights and the angle of support.
Installation:Hanger load nut clevis must be tightened securely to assure proper hanger performance. Punched forming holes may be present on certain sizes of this clevis hanger.These holes are solely for the purpose of manufacturing and do not affect the structural integrity or load carrying capacities of these hangers.
Strut clamp is a quick installation design. Used for parallel piping mounted on channel.
Single or multiple runs of pipe and cable are secured easily and economically .

Type:Clevis hangers, O rings, band hangers, swivel rings, riser clamps, beam clamps, side beam brackets, Ceiling plates and ceiling flanges, kind of strut clamps

Catalog Trade Size Metric Designator Rod Upper Width INSIDE Bolt Quantity Weight (kgs)
Number Size Thickness Steel Belt Diameter(Inch) Length(mm) Per Carton Per Carton
RL-860 1/2" (15) 3/8"-16 1.20mm 15.50mm±0.20 0.840 22.00±0.20 300
RL-861 3/4" (20) 3/8"-16 1.20mm 15.50mm±0.20 1.050 22.00±0.20 300
RL-862 1" (25) 3/8"-16 1.20mm 15.50mm±0.20 1.315 22.00±0.20 280 15.68
RL-863 1-1/4" (32) 3/8"-16 1.20mm 15.50mm±0.20 1.660 22.00±0.20 250 14.75
RL-864 1-1/2" (40) 3/8"-16 1.20mm 15.50mm±0.20 1.900 22.00±0.20 230 13.80
RL-865 2" (50) 3/8"-16 1.20mm 15.50mm±0.20 2.375 22.00±0.20 200 14.60
RL-866 2-1/2" (65) 3/8"-16 1.50mm 15.50mm±0.20 2.875 22.00±0.20 100 17.70
RL-867 3" (80) 3/8"-16 1.50mm 15.50mm±0.20 3.500 22.00±0.20 80
RL-868 3-1/2" (90) 3/8"-16 1.50mm 15.50mm±0.20 4.000 22.00±0.20 80 23.76
RL-869 4" (100) 3/8"-16 1.50mm 15.50mm±0.20 4.500 22.00±0.20 6
RL-870B 5" (125) 1/2"-13 2.50mm 15.50mm±0.20 5.562 25.50±0.20 1
RL-871B 6" (150) 1/2"-13 2.50mm 15.50mm±0.20 6.625 25.50±0.20 1

Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support

Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support

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Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support
Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support

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Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger SupportLoop-in Swivel Band Hanger SupportLoop-in Swivel Band Hanger SupportLoop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support
Loop-in Swivel Band Hanger Support


1.Q: What kind of material you can offer?

2.Q: What kind of standard you are following?
A: We are producing following by UL standard, most popular around the world,

of course, we also have customized products.You can provide your specification.

3.Q: Could you change the size for the customer?
A: Yes, we do for some customer special size.

4.Q: How many days can you deliver the order?
A: Normally after deposit or L/C 20-30 days, actually it depends on your request.

5.Q: What about the payment?
A: We can accept L/C, T/T, D/P and trusted payment methods.

6.Q: Do you provide samples?
A: yes, we can offer the standard product sample freely, but we do not bear the freight. Sample preparation will take some time, and if you asked to use DHL, FedEx, etc. to send samples, you can inform us in advance to prepare.

7.Q: Are you a trading company or manufacturing company?
A: Both we are, we have ten years experiences in foreign trading business and more than five years in electrical conduit industry. Of course, we are always expanding our business.

8.Q: How can you guarantee your products?
A: we guarantee your 100% satisfaction on all our products. Please feel free to feedback us immediately if you are not satisfied with our quality or service. If the product does not meet the contract requirements, we will send you a free replacement or give you compensation in the next order. For foreign orders, we ensure every order carefully. In some special cases, we will give some discounts as a solution.

9.Q: How about your capability in manufacturing?

Based on reasonable price, good quality, great after service, and Workers' Passion and Effort, we are capable of manufacturing 6000 tons of steel conduit per year and 4000 tons of die casting and steel accessories anually.

Choosing us is the best choice.

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