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Rsc Rigid Metal Conduit 3/4 Inch

  • White

  • IP67

  • Galvanised

  • Wall

  • Carbon Steel

  • UL Listed

IMC Metal Conduit

UL Listed Hot-Dip Intermidiate Metal Conduit IMC Conduit Pipe 1/2" to 4" Available

Rsc Rigid Metal Conduit 3/4 Inch

1/2" to 4" remove inside seam
pre galvanized or hot dip ( ul listed )


The EMT/IMC/RIGID conduit is manufactured from a mild steel tube,It has an accurate circular cross section,a uniformand wall thickness,a defect free interior surface.Highly required customers also can remove the inside welded seam to 100% protection with the electrical wire(only for the hot dip galvanized finish conduit)

RanLic Steel Electrical Metallic Tubing is manufactured in accordance with lastest edition of U.S. standard,For EMT/IMC/RIGID and its associated tubular fittings are produced in nominal trade size from 1/2" to 4",is produced in standard lengths of 10 feet(3.05 m).


The conduit provides top mechanical strength and protection for electrical cabling.Inside welded bead controlled to a minimum for easier wire pulling(for pre-galvanized finished conduit).For electrical wiring For industrial & commercial installation and giving high load bearing capacities. It provides excellent mechanical protection for the conductors while reducing Electro-Magnetic Field exposure and shielding.the hot-dip galvanized conduit pipe also can be used in the rough condition such as tunnel and underground.


Pre-Galvanized and hot dip galvanized with a minimum coating designation of G180,Q195,rolled steel coil,Packed in bare bundles,IMC/RGD fitted with zinc-coated coupler on one end and the unsocket one ends protected with plastic caps. EMT pipe do not come with plastic caps unless ordered,conduit pipe caps also come different colore optioned by customer

Each lot of conduit pipe before shipping out all will be testing by the cupric sulfate 200 hours testing to assure the inside and outside galvanized is in perfect condition.Rigorous quality control procedures to ensure process and product consistency

Rsc Rigid Metal Conduit 3/4 Inch

Rsc Rigid Metal Conduit 3/4 Inch

Rsc Rigid Metal Conduit 3/4 Inch Rsc Rigid Metal Conduit 3/4 Inch Rsc Rigid Metal Conduit 3/4 Inch Rsc Rigid Metal Conduit 3/4 Inch
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